The Lost Bladesman

The Lost Bladesman Movie Review Inspired by the work of Luo Guanzhong’s “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, already known in our country thanks to the transposition made by John Woo… Read more »

Bodyguards & Assassins

Bodyguards and Assassins Description: The man that holds the destiny of a nation must survive multiple murder attemtps with only 8 bodyguards protecting him. The political transition that Sun Yat-sen uses… Read more »

IP Man 2

IP Man 2 Movie Review After the great success of IP Man, that got the prize in the Express Oriental at the 2009 Sitges, the legend of the master that… Read more »

The Monkey King II

If it is a quest one is seeking, “Monkey King II” shall offer this and much, much more for the discerning epic adventurer. Mythology meets Fantasy? Check. Breathtaking visual effects?… Read more »

Reign Of Assassins

Reign of Assassins Movie Review Among the deaths, betrayals, mythological elements, emotive fighting, drama, tension and some romance, “Jianyu” reveals an emotive movie, although it lacks the elegance of Ang… Read more »