Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Game Review

The wait is over, we finally got Street Fighter V in it’s glorious 2D, but with many changes.  Let’s dive into what Street Fighter brings as a fighting game.

We have a lot of special moves, each character has their own tricks, which makes combat so much more intriguing. It wouldn’t be Street Fighter without combos, so combos are back with a vengeance, being able to execute this combos is what separates the pros from the occasional gamer. We have 16 characters, 4 from previous games (Rainbow Mika, Birdie, Nash and Karin) and another 4 new to the game (Laura, Rashid, Necalli and FANG). The rest of the fighters has also changed, for example Ken and Dhalsim have new moves. Yoshinori Ono, the executive director, told us they were going for a balanced experience that doesn’t give the advantage to certain characters. When it comes to game modes, it has the following offline modes: training, versus another player, Survival Mode and Story Mode.

You also have online multiplayer, which allows you to fight with other players around the world and go up in the global rankings. You can also access Capcom Fighting Network, which is a type of browser that allows you to search for classifications of fighters, see game fight replays or invite fighters to a match. Not only that, but PC gamers and console gamers can play against each other.

For now, the game is still growing, there are more characters to come, a longer story mode and maybe they will unblock the challenge mode. The only problem is, the new characters will cost money. Either 100,000 Fight Money (you win 10,000 each time you beat the story mode) or $7-$10 of real money.

All characters have been reanimated and a ton of special effects have been added, which take the realism to the next level. Is also fun have the characters have changed, their looks, some even look older. When it comes to the fight stages, we have 10 different ones and they are very interactive. The spectators will react depending on our moves and sometimes we can even send our opponent through a wall in the scenery.

The sounds are also at a high level, you can choose between Japanese and English and there are also a lot of melodies. Capcom has been able to generate interest in this game by having open betas, tons of feedback and great promotion. This game was constructed taking into consideration the fan’s opinions. The fundamentals are rock solid. The fact that they will add content through DLCs will also give the game another push forward and keep it fresh. The have a great business model within in a game, intelligent and modern based on additional content you can either buy or not.  The online store will debut in March, so be on the lookout for that. The gameplay had one major change, we are saying goodbye to the Focus Attack and it’s variant Red, instead we have a charge bar that will allow us to unleash a special V-trigger attack for each fighter, which is unique, special and very powerful. That bar will also allow you to trigger the V-Reversal, which allows us to repel the attacks by launching the opponent far away from you.

In conclusion, you can rest assured Street Fighter V offers vibrant fights, is up to par with the previous games (or better) in every aspect, which provides a solid experience. The game as it is now, is a great experience and it will get better with time and all the upcoming DLCs.

Ninja Rating: 4/5

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