Kill Bill Volume 1

Kill Bill Volume 1 Movie Review

Kill Bill's origin came as Quentin Tarantino and his creativeness filmed Pulp Fiction. He was in love with Uma Thuman and wanted her to be the protagonist of his next film. They came together and came up with a story of vengeance, an ex-assassin searching for justice and redemption. He couldn't film the movie until he had a prepared and ready Thurman and that is why the film was delayed but that was his best decision. He said that the film would not be near as successful with any other actress and I have to agree. Tarantino is well know for his characters and dialogues and in this movie he's at his best, although he focuses a lot on the the protagonist but for good reason. With the bride, he got what he wanted in a character and was able to open the road to the blood, action and visual excellency showed in the movie instead of long dialogues. Thurman has a difficult role, jump, handle a sword, talk in Japanese, bring the tragic and anger sentiments together in order to justify her vengeance. Her effort and dedication are notable in this film.

It would seem like Tarantino needed to come out with a violent film, to show his most wild side but also the most entertaining. In Kill Bill he mixes western, anime or Asian elements. The truth is, that behind the great visual spectacle and those dead bodies pouring blood, the real reason can be revealed, to let everything out and let his rebel side emerge. He takes us along a trip with the protagonist that only leads to vengeance. Even though he knew critics would make quick work of him, he had to show that it could be done with a great look and feel.

Tarantino is great at taking care of every detail in every scene, as usual. In this story of vengeance and justice, violence is needed and that is where it shines. Without any fear and with total freedom, he presents to us every scene in a very personal manner and always with his style: the tension before the bloody confrontation with lots of staring and filled with humorous dialogues, which lead to the Katana cutting and slicing at will.

In conclusion, this story is superb, the actors are great, the scenes look spectacular and Tarantino shows us his talent to put together an excellent visual spectacle. He offers a very simple argument and adds opera, respect, action and great music to it. This was one of his best movies and even exceeded his own expectations.

Ninja Rating: 9/10

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