Jet Li Fearless

Jet Li Fearless Movie Review

"Fearless" is supposed to be the last martial arts movie Jet Li participated in. I'm not sure what he will do next because as a dramatic actor, he doesn't have much of a future.

This movie is the authentic Chinese production, which means it has a strong ultra nationalist component, which also makes clear a communist ideology.

Huo Yuan was a real character and a national hero for the Chinese in the moments previous to the Mao revolution. This man even being a famous and successful martial artist, is also submerged into corruption and loses it all. This situations leads him to a remote village where hard work starts making a change in him. One of things that could have been done better was the script, the bad guys are way too bad and rich, while the good guys are way too good and noble to make it seem real. That is what happens to Li's character, he goes from the city to a village and from bad to good to quickly and abruptly without much justification.

Ronnie Yu as the director doesn't help much either, he uses too many slow camera scenes, although this makes for his scenes to look more spectacular. They did have Yuen Wo-Ping as action director (the guy who directed Kill Bill) but the action scenes are nothing to be impressed about, they are good but not great. The acting is not great, the fight scenes are good but Jet Li could have done much better. It seems this role was a little too big for him. Not to mention Betty Sun, which is one of the worst actresses I have ever seen, I guess you could give her a break since this is her first movie.


Jet Li doesn't seem to be able to transmit the change in personality very well. He's supposed to go from arrogant to caring but his acting is completely lacking the expressions needed. The film has no personality and focuses too much in the fight scenes, which is good but bad at the same time, as the fights seem to happen for no reason at all. It seems that at every opportunity or situation, the characters will resort to simple beating each other up. The main problem is, the transition between the fight scenes and the dialogue serious moments, this scenes are too conventional, poor and evident.

Movie Ninja Rating: 6/10

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